Monday, 16 June 2008

How to do a steamroller on on a bmx bike!

Things You’ll Need:

Roll forward at a relatively slow speed.
Place your dominant foot on the front axle peg. (These instructions use the left foot as dominant. If you feel more comfortable using the right foot, substitute right for left in these steps.)
Put your right foot on the rear peg, on the left side.
Transfer your weight to the front foot and push the handlebars a little forward to lift the back wheel a couple of inches off the ground. You are going to be rolling forward the entire time, so do not use your brakes.
Kick the back of the bike around gently to the right with the right foot as soon as the back wheel comes up.
Grab the seat with one of your hands once the bike passes the handlebars and starts to go in front of you.
Keep rolling forward and use the leg that you have behind you to counterbalance the frame in front of you.
Carve in a circle by pushing the right side of the handlebars slightly toward the ground, keeping your front peg foot on the outside of the circle, and maintaining balance with your back leg.
Roll for as long as you can.
Get the frame directly in front of you and lean forward slightly to place the back wheel on the ground.
Put the hand that was on the seat back on the handlebars.
Angle yourself so that the frame is going to come back around on your right side.
Catch the frame with your right foot, up by the seat tube, as soon as it passes the handlebars on its way back behind you.
Drop down to the pedals and ride away, or go into another trick.

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